Green Weaver Tree Ant Queen- Oecophylla Smaragdina

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Founding type: Claustral

Size: Large. Queen approx. 1.5cm, workers approx. 5-6mm, major workers approx. 8-10mm

Diet: Founding queen requires sugars such as honey or honey dew nectar. Larvae require protein. Colonies will require insects or other protein sources.

Set-up: Found in a tube set up. Special consideration needs to be given to long term housing and access to a plant to weave nests.

These beautiful weaver ants create stunning nests by milking their larvae for the silk like threads that they use to weave together leaves to form a nest.

They are arboreal so will benefit from having access to a live plant in their set up. They also require high humidity to flourish. They can bite so care must be taken when keeping these ants.

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