About Us

Queen of Ants- Australian Ant Queens for sale
Here at Queen of Ants, we love everything there is about ants and the world of ant keeping!
We are a fully registered Wildlife Trade Operation with the Department of Environment Australia and have permits to export out beautiful ants worldwide (except WA, Tas and US due to their import laws).
All of our queen ants and colonies are of the highest quality as they are all collected by hand. We only collect queens that are in excellent condition and aim to supply healthy, sustainably collected queen ants to you.
Our queen ants originate from our pristine Australian bush properties, where they naturally thrive.
Our aim is to promote the hobby of ant keeping and educate the world on these fascinating creatures and the important role they play in our ecosystem.
We do not support digging up or damaging any wild ant colonies, nor the over collection of queen ants.
If you have any questions or just want to let us know how your ants are going, please contact us! We love to hear from you!



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