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These three chambered lined glass tubes are perfect for founding almost any ant type. 

Choose between the tube only or add the chamber to allow for a small out world, just the right size to support a queen or small colony as it grows.

The out world includes a ventilated lid and 2x 10mm expansion ports.

The tube nests have three distinct internal chambers to allow your ants to adjust their humidity. The external water port allows for easy re filling as the water dries up. They are lined with sand to help your ants feel comfortable in a more natural environment compared to a standard glass test tube.

Available in 4 tube sizes with corresponding out world chambers.

3cm- Great for larger Myrmecia species

2.5cm- Perfect for all other Myrmecia and large size ants

2cm- medium sized ants

1.5cm- small sized ants


Out world approx. 7.5cm square

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