Golden Tailed Bull Ant Queen + 8-9 Workers- Myrmecia Fulvipes

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Founding type: Semi-claustral

Size: Large, workers and queen around 2cm

Diet: Founding queen requires sugars. Larvae require protein

Set-up: Myrmecia do not like to be locked in a test tube. Recommend founding your colony in a tub and tube or similar set up.

Featuring a strikingly golden tail and beautiful red legs, this Australian bull ant species would have to be considered one of the most beautiful ant species!

They are fairly small compared to some of the other Myrmecia species, at around 2cm long. 

Myrmecia species are some of the largest and most interesting ants to keep. They require some experience as they possess strong pinching mandibles and a painful sting, much like that of a wasp.

They can be very aggressive and have very good eye sight, able to track you from across the room. Colonies can be slow to develop so patience is required, with the queens sometimes laying eggs in a 6-12 month cycle. However, once established, colony numbers can exceed 1000 so you can get a very large and very rewarding colony with these ants.

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