Trap Jaw Ant Queen- Odontomachus sp.

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Founding type: Semi-claustral

Size:  Medium. Queen ~15mm, workers ~10mm

Diet: Feed sugars until workers arrive, then a variety of proteinand sugars.

Set-up: Test tube up until 15-30 workers. Then move to small nest and outworld.

Trap jaw ants have got to be one of the most unique species of Australian ants! Their trap jaw mandibles and associated behaviors  rank among the most specialized of any ponerine.

When hunting, Odontomachus workers hold their highly modified mandibles open at 180° and shut them with extreme force and speed on their prey. In fact, this is the fastest movement ever measured in any animal. The contact of trigger setae or hairs (located beneath the mandibles) with the prey triggers the mandibular closure.

They do possess a sting which can cause mild pain, so care is required when raising these ants.

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