Stackable Test Tube Rack- Transparent Red Acrylic

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Store all of your queens safely with our custom designed, stackable test tube rack!

Each test tube rack is a single layer holding up to 10 test tubes. The racks stack securely on top of each other so you can continue expanding your collection!

These test tube racks can easily accommodate any test tube size up to 20mm, and thanks to our unique elastic design, different size test tubes can be stored securely within the same rack...

The clip together design allows you to easily store away your racks when not in use, ready for your next season!

No more rolling test tubes!


- Elastic design to keep your tubes secure and prevent rolling

- Elastic design allows different size tubes to be stored securely

- Sturdy stackable design 

- Easily clips together and unclips for storage



24cmL x 12cmD x 5cmH

Each pack contains 1x rack (10 tube capacity), elastic string, rubber clip bands (test tubes not included)

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