'Royale' Acrylic Ant Nest Formicarium- Medium

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Give your ant colony its best chance to thrive with our premium quality 'Royale' series ant nests!

Features include:

- Click together design for easy cleaning and safer shipping

- 6 removable gates to allow for you expanding colony. You ant colony prefers tight spaces so with our nests you can gradually increase their nest size to suit their growth rate

- Super soaker sponge watering system, holds more water and requires less topping up

-Super clear acrylic for crystal clear viewing and photography

-Mesh escape reducing lid for easy feeding and ventilation

-Side ventilation panels on outworld

-2x 10mm expansion ports to connect another nest when your colony reaches full capacity

-Suitable for medium sized ants, approx. 10-500 workers (depending on size)

Dimensions: 158mm x 125mm x 100mm

Internal nest depth: 14mm

*assembly required

Assembly video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suaM0Fuwh8A



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