'Royale' Acrylic Ant Nest Formicarium- Large

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Specifically designed for our Giant Australian Ant species!

Extra deep nest area, wide expansion gates and a removable red acrylic front shield means that even your Myrmecia bull ants will be comfortable in this nest!

Features include:

- Extra deep 27mm internal nest size

- Click together design for easy cleaning and safer shipping

- 6 extra wide removable gates to allow for you expanding colony. You ant colony prefers tight spaces so with our nests you can gradually increase their nest size to suit their growth rate

- Super soaker sponge watering system, holds more water and requires less topping up

-Super clear acrylic for crystal clear viewing and photography

-Mesh escape reducing lid for easy feeding and ventilation

-Side ventilation panels on outworld

-2x 10mm expansion ports to connect another nest when your colony reaches full capacity

-Suitable for large sized ants, approx. 10-500 workers (depending on size)

Dimensions: 200mm x 180mm x 130mm

Internal nest depth: 27mm

*assembly required

Assembly video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suaM0Fuwh8A



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