Red Honey Pot Ant Queen- Melophorus bagoti

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Founding type: Claustral

Size: Medium. Queen ~15mm, workers ~9mm

Diet: Do not require feeding until workers arrive. Feed a mix of small protein, seeds and sugars.

Set-up: Test tube up until 15-30 workers. Then move to small nest and outworld.

These striking yellow-orange ants are well known for their ability to store liquids in the abdomens of specialized workers. These special workers are known as repletes or honey pots, hence their common name 'red honey pot ant'.

The red honey ant is a thermophilic desert ant that forages in the heat of day during the summer months. They forage solitarily for food such as dead insects, seeds, and sugary treats.

These ants would have to be one of the most interesting and sought after species to keep!

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