Queen of Ants- Start-Up Set Medium

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Queen of Ants Start-Up Sets are the perfect way to get started in the amazing world of ant keeping!

Whether its for yourself, your child or a gift for a friend, this set comes complete with everything you need to get you started!

All of our queen ants are hand collected to ensure they are of the best quality. We collect them just after their nuptial flights which ensures they are fertile and will grow your colony for you. All you need is one queen to start a colony- amazing!

The lovely Aphaenogastor species queen included in this set is the perfect beginner species. No bite or sting, relatively easy to raise and good colony growth rate ensure you will quickly be hooked on ant keeping!


Set includes:


1x Aphaenogastor species queen ant (complete in test tube set-up)

1x medium 'Royale' acrylic all-in-one nest

1x 50ml bottle 'Ant Juice' liquid sugar ant food (random flavour selection)

1x Liquid sugar feeder

1x Ant Protein Jelly

1x 250g bag Indigenous Ant Sand 

1x metal tweezer


Note: Sales to WA, Tas and US will not include queen ant

 Link to nest assembly video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suaM0Fuwh8A



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