Queen of Ants Outworld- Large

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A Versatile Large Outworld!


These outworlds are the most versatile on the market!

Whether you're ready to attach the outworld to a nest or would like to place your test tube inside for semi-claustral species, these outworlds have it all!

Features include:

- Crystal clear acrylic for excellent viewing and photography

- Invader proof ventilation so no need to worry about your colony being compromised

- Small mesh vented lid to help prevent escapees during feeding or cleaning

- 2x 10mm expansion ports on either end to connect to nest or expand indefinitely

- Opaque textured floor if you prefer to have a clean outworld without sand

- Collapsible design for easy storage when not in use and saves you on shipping costs

- Easily fits a 150mm test tube for semi-claustral queens 


Dimensions: approx. 205mm long x 150mm wide x  130mm high



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