'Elite' Series Ytong Concrete Formicarium- Large

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The Most Advanced All-in-One Ytong Concrete Formicarium!

Available exclusively here at Queen of Ants!

Your ants will not be dissapointed in this set up!

Ytong, or aerated concrete, is one of the best materials for ant nests. It has great moisture retention which allows for a more stable humidity in the nest, is porous to give your ants great grip and assists with cocoon spinning, and it is naturally mould resistant!

Features include:

- Vertical design for perfect nest and out world viewing!

- Naked formicarium so you can design your own out world!

- Double removable lid with handle to allow ventilation, help reduce escape & make caring for your colony easier

- Soft rubber feet to prevent scratching

- Transparent red front shield included

- Extra deep 25mm internal nest chambers

- Rear water hydration with sponge, separate to the Ytong to allow gradual water uptake and more even hydration. 2x side water access points.

-Super clear acrylic for crystal clear viewing and photography

-Rear ventilation 

-2x 10mm side expansion ports to connect another nest when your colony reaches full capacity. Ports are directly from the nest section, not the outworld, to support stress free expansion for your ants.

-Suitable for most size ants, approx. 10-500 workers (depending on size). May not suit some very tiny or giant sized ants ants.

Dimensions: 165mm x 100mm x 200mm



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