AntKit AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2)- Ytong Acrylic Combo Nest

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The evolution of Ytong ant nests is here with the brand new AntKit AirDen Pro Ytong Acrylic Combo nest!

The AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2) is a vertical AAC nest with deceptively spacious  stacked nesting chambers suitable for small and medium sized ants up to around 500 workers.

The core of the AirDen is made from Ytong (AAC) which provides excellent airflow, humidity, thermal insulation, mould resistance, grip for brood development and is generally accepted by many professional ant keepers as the best artificial substrate for most ant species.

We use only the highest quality Ytong and as such each product is consistent and produced to very high standards.

This AirDen is externally painted and sealed to reduce evaporation and to strengthen the overall product.

Our AirDen nest uses our easy to use large 13mm 'sawtooth' connectors which allow you to expand the capacity of your nest without the need for any tubing and include a shutter on each port to allow you to control the flow of ants into and out of the nest.

Each AirDen has a large water reservoir which provides a constant and consistent humidity gradient throughout the nest. The Ytong extends directly into the water reservoir, reducing the frequency watering is required.

Every kit includes a front and back red acrylic nest cover, a short length of the appropriate sized tubing and a pipette for hydrating the nest.

Our AirDens come fitted with a sawtooth to tubing connector as standard.
Please make sure your formicaria is compatible.

Material – Acrylic, Stainless steel, AAC (Ytong), Nylon, Styrene
Measurements (L x W x H) - 15 x 9 x 10 CM



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